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Windows 11 initial setup

When you first get your computer, turn it on and let it complete its initial boot stage until you get to the country and region section.

Please make sure to select Australia and not United States as this will change measurements and language to Australian English not American English.

On the keyboard layout screen, please select United States – International or US.

Please do not select United Kingdom as they have a different keyboard layout to us.

Skip the second keyboard layout. 

Connect your laptop to your home internet to continue, wireless or wired

After connecting to your wireless, name your computer. 

We suggest using either your new student code (different to your primary school one) or your name, as this will make it easier for our systems to identify your computer. 

Set up the device for personal use. 

If you sign in with your school details, when you leave the school, you will lose all your files off your computer  as accounts are removed after students leave the College

You will need a Microsoft account to use Windows 11. 

We strongly recommend that you use your personal one. 

If you do not have a Microsoft account, please get assistance with your parents to create one.

You will also need to use a valid phone number that can receive text messages in case you get locked out of your account, as there have been some students that have been locked out and were unable to access their account, thus losing all of their files on their device. 

It will also get you to set up secret questions and answers, please make sure that you and your parents know these, in case you forget your password. 

We cannot assist with locked out Microsoft accounts at the college. 

Select a device to restore from, if you have used your Microsoft account on a previous computer, you can restore settings and files.

Create a PIN to sign into your laptop quicker, you will need to sign into your Microsoft Account again.

You can select what privacy settings you prefer; we cannot recommend what settings to use. 

Feel free to skip the customise your experience page.

Skip the use your android phone page 

Your computer should now restart and will be ready to be used.

If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to email helpdesk@mesc.vic.edu.au or have your child come and see the IT team in the back of the library from 8:30 til 4 on student school days.

Updated on January 16, 2024

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