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Submitting a Learning Task in Compass

Please note that only students can submit learning tasks through Compass. Students need to login with their individual login and password provided to them. For forgotten passwords, please follow this article for assistance.

Within a web browser

1. Open Compass and login using your student login details.

2. Select the Teaching and Learning Menu then select Learning Tasks

3. Select Turn on code Grouping to sort the tasks by subject then open the Learning Task that you wish to submit work for.

4. Click Create Submission

5. Click Browse

6. Select the file you wish to upload then click OK.

When the file has added, the file upload menu will change to green, indicating the file has been successfully uploaded.

Multiple files can be added by repeating this process.

Through a mobile device

If you don’t have the app, you can download it by selecting the appropriate link below:
iPhone or iPad
Android devices

1. Open the Compass App

2. Click on the Hamburger Menu in the top left of the app.

3. Select Learning Tasks

4. Expand the class list and select the Learning Task you wish to submit work for.

5. Select the Submissions tab, then Add Submission

6. Select from My Files

7. To take a photo of a piece of work, select Camera

8. To attach a file or document from the device or from OneDrive, select Choose File

When submitting from OneDrive
You need to ensure that you have the OneDrive app installed and logged into using your College email address in order to have the option to submit documents contained within OneDrive.

If you are missing the OneDrive option when submitting and you have the app installed and logged in, click Edit and ensure the selection boxes are green next to the OneDrive option.

Updated on March 4, 2022

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