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Sharing a file or folder in OneDrive

Windows Explorer

To share files that you have stored in OneDrive, open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the file or folder you wish to share

The share window will come up and has the following options

  1. Manage access – shows you the shortened link to the file and the file owner
  2. Allows you to enable or disable editing of the file, an expiration date and a password to access the file
  3. Enter a name. Enter the name of the person to send the link to if in your contacts, or you can enter an email you wish to send it to (you can add multiple addresses by using the semi column ; )
  4. Add a message to the email link
  5. Send the email
  6. A clickable link which you can paste into an email, compass post or file
  7. allows you to send a link via a specific Windows application

OneDrive Online

Open portal.office.com and login with your MESC details

Navigate to My files on the left, and find the folder or file you wish to share

You can click on Share to open the sharing window, or Copy link to copy a shortened link that you can then paste in an email, document or compass

Please make sure that your Link settings are set correctly with regards on who will have access to it.

Updated on April 30, 2020

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