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Restore your files (Windows 10 File History)

There are 2 ways to easily restore your files from your backup

Both will achieve the same thing, however, are different to use and have different features

Using File History

Click on start and type restore, click on “restore your files from file history”

Please note, you do not need to click anywhere to start typing in the start menu, once the menu is up, if you start typing, your computer will automatically start searching

The File History window will open and it has the following options

  1. Date of backup
  2. Go to the previous time your computer was backed up
  3. Restore selected directory or file
  4. Go to the next time your computer was backed up
  5. Switch between display information (file type, date modified etc) and preview

Once you select your file or directory, you can click on the green “restore to original location” button

you can select multiple files or directories by holding the control key on your keyboard while you left click on what you want to select

Using Previous Versions

Navigate to the directory of where your lost file(s) are

Right click in empty space and click on properties

In the properties window, click on the Previous Versions tab at the top

If you select a Directory, you can click on the Restore dropdown, and select Restore To, this will allow you to find a new place to store your directory, so you can have both copies or compare files

If you click on Open, a new explorer window will show with all the files as they are at the time of backup, you can navigate and copy files individually, or multiple to where you want them on your computer

If you have any issues, Please speak to IT.

We will gladly help

This information is provided as a guide only.

Mount Eliza Secondary College, the IT technicians, Principal or Department of Education and Training can not be held in any way responsible for any lost files using this guide

Updated on April 30, 2020

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