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Remote Support for Staff

In order to best assist you while working from home, IT Support may require access to your computer.

Using Webex Support, we can control your computer and assist you with your issue, please follow the following instructions.

Firstly, IT will send you an email with a link to the support session, please click on the link that is sent in the email. The email will also contain a phone number for you to call on this occasion for this session. Please do not call if we are not awaiting your call, as we may be in a session with another user.

In the pre session form, please enter your name, email address and the school name for the company. The session key will be prefilled, if not, please ask your remote support host

You will be greeted with this screen, wait until the download starts and runs automatically, this will take a minute or so, after which, you will be shown the user account control screen with a Yes and a No. Click on Yes

This window will show on your computer, you can chat to the Remote support host, however, we will most likely be on the phone with you.

Once connected, your remote support host will ask for Desktop control, click the tick box then click on OK to give your host control of your computer

Updated on April 30, 2020

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