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New user information checklist

This article is designed as a checklist for new users to the College in order to configure your device to use. This article is written with the assumption that you have been given your login details to the College.

Your device needs to be setup with a username of your own creation in to follow the instructions below. For support to setup your new device, please see the following Knowledgebase article for setting up a new Windows 10 device: Initial setup for Windows 10

The following

  1. Enrol in Microsoft Intune (instructions sent to parents/guardians of new students)
  2. Connect to College WIFI (this can only be done whilst at school)
  3. Log into Compass
  4. Install Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office 365)
  5. Activate Microsoft 365 Licence
  6. Configure OneDrive
  7. Configure Email using Outlook
  8. Installing Microsoft Teams
  9. Accessing Microsoft Teams

Updated on July 14, 2022

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