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Link your College ID Card to PaperCut

This article shows you how to link your student ID card to your PaperCut printing/photocopying account to make it much easier to login and use the College photocopiers.

Please note that you can only have ONE ID card registered to your PaperCut printing/copying account. Once you register your new card it will be linked to your account and cards from previous years will not be recognised.

1. Tap your student ID card on the NFC icon shown on any of the College photocopiers.

2. Enter your College username and password. (This is the same as your Compass login.) You DO NOT need to enter @mesc.vic.edu.au.

3. Select OK to continue. Your card has been successfully linked. Next time you tap your card you will be logged into the copier without having to type in a username/password or ID number. These other login methods can still be used but using your ID card is the quickest method of logging into the photocopiers.

Updated on April 8, 2022

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