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Create a Microsoft Team for your class

To create a Microsoft Team for your class, please follow the steps below.

  1. Select Join or create team in the Teams section

2. Select Create team in the Join or create team screen

3. Select Class as the team type

4. Enter a name for the class.

Naming Hint
It is recommended to add the year into the name of the class to avoid confusion in future years. It is also recommended to add in your Compass class code.

5. Add in your students to the Team and any other staff members you wish to have access. Select Skip to do this later.

Time saving hint
You don’t have to add students individually to a Team. You can add your whole class by using class distribution lists. Enter class- followed by your Compass class code to add the students from that class. eg. class-7en1 adds all of 7A English students to the Team.

6. The Microsoft Team has been successfully created. You can see that a Class Notebook has been created as a part of this Team. This Notebook provides each individual student with their own private space within the notebook. Many staff will be familiar with OneNote Class Notebooks and this operates the same way but it is stored with the Team rather than on a user’s OneDrive.

Updated on April 7, 2020

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