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Start a meeting with Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco webex is a video conferencing system available for use through the Department of Education. This system should be utilised for any video/audio conferencing needs with people external to the College.

To start a meeting, follow the steps below.

1. If you do not have Cisco webex installed, or haven’t logged in, please follow this guide: https://kb.mesc.vic.edu.au:9443/kb/cisco-webex-install-and-connect-meetings

2. Open Cisco Webex Meetings via the start menu

3. Click on Start a Meeting.

4. You will be taken to your personal room, here you can check your camera is showing what you want, and your microphone is turned on, click on Start Meeting when you are ready

Until you start a meeting, nobody will be able to enter your meeting room, they will sit in a lobby by themselves and be unable to contact anyone

5. Others will now be able to join into your meeting in various ways.

You can click on Participant then Copy Meeting Link then paste it into an email or post to Compass or google

6. From the main window, you can copy your meeting link and paste that into an email or post to compass or google

7. Once you are in your meeting, you have the following buttons along the bottom

These are from left to right:

Disable your Microphone, if red, nobody can hear you

Use this if you need to at any time stop people from listening to you, say you have a cough

Disable your Camera, if red, nobody can see you

Use this if you do not want people to see you

Sharing options

(See section on Sharing Options)

Record Meeting

This will allow you to record your meeting, select record on my computer then click on record, it will ask you where you wish to save the recording, and what to name it, enter a meaningful name and click on record

Display Participant list

Will show participants on the right-hand side

Display Chat window

Will show a chat window on the right-hand side where you can type messages to everyone or individual users

More options

  • Notes – take notes
  • Polling – ask a question to participants
  • Lock Meeting – stop anyone entering
  • Invite and remind – send an email to email addresses with the link to your meeting
  • Copy link meeting – copy your link meeting to the clipboard
  • Audio Connection – if you are going to enter via phone
  • Speaker, Microphone and Camera – if you need to change to your headphones, or an external microphone or camera
  • Connect to a device – connect to a Cisco Webex Video device

End meeting

Ends the meeting

Sharing Options

With Sharing Options, you can choose to share a file to everyone in your meeting, such as a PowerPoint slideshow or word document

You can also click on an application that is already open so everyone can see what is displayed.

With new whiteboard, you can start a whiteboard where you and your participants can draw on a whiteboard, and then later save

Meeting Options

Under the participant menu, you have the following options

Mute Me

Mute your microphone

Unmute Me

Unmute your microphone

Mute All

Mute everyone in the meeting

Unmute All

Unmute everyone in the meeting

Mute on Entry

Mute participants as they enter your meeting (I would suggest this)

Entry and Exit Tone

this has been disabled

Invite and Remind…

Enter emails to send an email with a link to your meeting

Copy Meeting Link

Copy your meeting link to the clipboard, you can paste that in an email, DL, compass, google apps

Anyone can Share

Allows any user to share what is on their screen, or documents

Assign Privileges

(look at assign privileges below)

Reclaim Host Role

Make you the host if you have made someone else the host


Kick a user from the meeting

Assign Privileges

you can disable users from being able to chat (send text messages) to everyone or other users

You can disable meeting participants to save work, or control shared applications (which I would untick so they can’t control your application that you are sharing)

Meeting Menu

Under the Meeting options, you have the following settings and options to set

Welcome Message

Will open a web page where you can type a short message to display to meeting attendees when they join your meeting

Type your message, tick Display this message and click on OK


Under options > General

Allow all participants to turn on video

               Disable people from enabling their webcam


               Disable the chat function


               Disable the note function, or make a single person able to take notes for everyone

File transfer

               Transfer a file to everyone

Enable ucf rich media for attendee

               Enables the following things to be shared

  • WebEx WRF recordings (for more information about WRF files, see Recording and Playback.
  • ·        Video
  • ·        Audio
  • ·        Flash files
  • ·        Web pages
  • ·        Third-party rich media content (through partner integration)

Enable closed captioning

               This will allow a participant to transcribe the closed captions

Individual users

In the participant window, you can right click on individual users to change the following options.

If someone is being disruptive, you can expel them, and they will be removed, also you can mute them

Updated on April 23, 2020

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