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Install and connect to Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco webex is a video conferencing system available for use through the Department of Education. This system should be utilised for any video/audio conferencing needs with people external to the College.

Installing Cisco Webex

If you do not have webex meetings, you can download it off their website https://www.webex.com/downloads.html/ and click on Download for Windows.

Alternatively, if you are onsite at the College, you can install through Software Centre.

Connecting to Cisco Webex

1. Click on the start menu, then find Cisco Webex Meetings.

2. You will be greeted with the Sign in to webex meetings, please enter your Department email address (@edumail.vic.gov.au or @education.vic.gov.au) then click on next

3. You will be taken to the Department eduPass login page, enter your T0 Number and Password (same as your edupay login details) then click on login

4. You will then be logged into webex meetings

5. You can now start meetings by following this guide: https://kb.mesc.vic.edu.au:9443/kb/cisco-webex-start-meeting

Updated on April 12, 2020

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