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Book Conferences on Compass

You can make Conference bookings either through a web browser (Edge/Chrome/Safari) on a computer, or through the mobile app for IOS/Android devices.

Booking through a web browser

1. Open https://mesc-vic.compass.education/Organise/ParentStudentTeacher/ and login with your parent/guardian username and password.

2. Select My Bookings from the required conference.

3. You can select Start Booking Now to go straight to bookings or select Show me How to Book for an online walkthrough.

3. Select a teacher from the right of the screen. All available appointments for the teacher will be shown as white, grey appointments are unavailable to be booked.

4. Confirm the details of the appointment with the teacher then select OK to make the booking.

5. Once confirmed, the booking will now appear in green. Repeat the above process to make any remaining bookings.

6. You can view all bookings by selecting the Print Preview button.

Booking though mobile device

1. Open up the Compass App on you device, then select the burger menu.

2. Select Conferences

3. Select the Conference to make the booking for.

4. Select each teacher and the time you would like to make a booking for.

5. Once completed, select the booking list icon to view all bookings.

6. All bookings are listed.

Updated on January 16, 2024

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