• How to join a ManageBac Class

    1. Login to ManageBac. If you don’t know your password, please see this KB Article to reset it. 2. Navigate to the Classes icon on the menu, then select Browse All Classes 3. Select Browse All Classes 4. Scroll down and find the class you wish to join and select…

  • Interpreting MYP Semester Reports

    For students in Years 7 to 9 students are assessed against four MYP criteria for each subject area in addition to the Victorian Curriculum. The criteria for each subject area represent the use of knowledge, understanding and skills that students are taught. For your reference, the assessment and grading information…

  • Reset phone handset

    This article details how to reset a handset for the phone system. This may need to be performed at times if you experience poor call quality or crackling on the line. You can reset the phone using either of the following methods. Method 1: Unplug from the wall point to…

  • Link your College ID Card to PaperCut

    This article shows you how to link your student ID card to your PaperCut printing/photocopying account to make it much easier to login and use the College photocopiers.

  • New user information checklist

    This article is designed as a checklist for new users to the College in order to configure your device to use. This article is written with the assumption that you have been given your login details to the College. The following

  • Log into Compass for students and staff

    You can log into Compass using your College login details. 1. Navigate to https://mesc-vic.compass.education/ 2. Enter your College Username, Password then click Sign in.

  • Cannot access Compass resources

    When students cannot access resources you have uploaded into Compass, it is usually because the permissions will need to be modified to allow access for students. To do this: 1. Select the Resources tab on your class profile page. 2. Right click on the folder or resource you wish to…

  • Book Conferences on Compass

    You can make Conference bookings either through a web browser (Edge/Chrome/Safari) on a computer, or through the mobile app for IOS/Android devices.

  • How to access Student Reports

    To access student reports on Compass, you can follow the instructions below. These instructions work for both the 5 weekly Progress Reports as well as the Semester Summary Reports. IOS/Android Phone or iPad 1. Log into the Compass App on your device and select the hamburger icon in the to…

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